Feeling panic? Help in Times of Need!

If you are not able to focus,
stress has scattered your thoughts,
you are in the grip of regret,
or fear has set in to rattle your bones,
I know what this feels like.

As crazy as it seems, I really like being there for others when this is happening.
I don’t enjoy others going through the experience but I understand it.
I know what it feels like.  And I can be a stable force at a time like that.

Not only that, but I know where the road goes and there is some relief.

You are NOT going crazy.
You have NOT fallen off the deep end.
You are NOT doomed to fail.

But support may be helpful.

PANIC TO PATIENCE is a program specifically designed to help you survive (and even thrive) during a time of transition.  The purpose is to keep your senses and maintain stability during a time when your LIZARD BRAIN is activated and trying to sabotage your well being or progress.

No matter how strong we are, everyone deals with the Lizard Brain!** Being prepared to have support during a time like this is smart.


This kind of support is purchased as packages in blocks of time.

I try to make my hours suitable for all kind of needs.
If you have any questions at all, please text me at 254-592-8067. 


With this block of time, you can apply these hours to anything with which you need help.  We try to be as responsive as immediately as possible and all requests for appointments are generally met within a 24 hour window.

A block of time expires within 6 months.

Blocks of time are offered in
1-hr, 3-hr and 5-hr blocks at $125/hour
10-hr+ blocks at $115/hour

Blocks may be purchased as a gift for others
going through a trying time.

Space is limited and prices will be increasing without notice.


Panic to Patience
is a comfort and support package
and not intended to be medical or psychological
assistance in nature.

If you need medical attention,
please call 911.

If you have thoughts of suicide or danger to yourself or others,
call 1-800-273-8255.
The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline provides
24/7, free and confidential support.

** I love what Seth Godin has to say: 

We say we want one thing, then we do another. We say we want to be successful but we sabotage the job interview. We say we want a product to come to market, but we sandbag the shipping schedule. We say we want to be thin but we eat too much. We say we want to be smart but we skip class or don’t read that book the boss lent us.

Why is it so difficult to do what we say we’re going to do?

The lizard is a physical part of your brain, the pre-historic lump near the brain stem that is responsible for fear and rage and reproductive drive. Why did the chicken cross the road? Because her lizard brain told her to.

Your lizard brain is here to stay, and your job is to figure out how to quiet it and ignore it.

Some ways to live with the Lizard Brain:

Be aware of the triggers – You can become an observer of the pattern, as if you are watching from the sidelines. Describe the pattern sequence to yourself or someone else.


Acknowledge the emotion– Do your best to verbalize and acknowledge the feelings you are having.  Do not try to judge them at all but express them in detail.  There is nothing wrong with any particular feeling.  In fact, expressing feelings is a way to give them a way to be understood.


Open the timeline in your mind– We often see things in a timeline that isn’t really going to or even necessary to happen.  Resisting the timeline will cause greater anxiety and leave us unable to see a wider variety of options.


Reach out – More than ever before we need each other.  These are intense times.

We will meet on zoom so you will need access to a computer with a microphone or you can use a tablet or phone.
In some local cases, we might meet in person.