11 May What is trying to EMERGE IN YOU?

Lately, I’ve been frustrated.  I have this feeling that something is stirring in me.  It does not feel like concern.  It feels like something like I should know but just do not.  It’s almost a homesick feeling … like when you’re at camp and you are thinking about what people back home are doing.  The difference is this is about a future I don’t even know yet.

So the question is “what is trying to emerge in me?” 

Of the many definitions, I like this one the best:
To come forth.  Emerge is to come forth from a place shut off from view or concealment … like “into sight.”  These others are similar.

  1. To come into view: The house emerged in the fog.
  2. To become conscious: emerge from sleep.
  3. To become known or prominent after being in obscurity: new leaders that emerged from the party ranks.
  4. To come into existence: a period when many new life forms emerged.

Here is a tricky (and lovely) part: 
For something to emerge, or come forth into view, it has to be there.  It already exists …  just not into view.
So our potential is already within us.  We have to let it emerge.

Here is tricky (and lovely) part #2:
For something to emerge, or come forth into view, we have to give it a clearing.  If it is covered up with other things, it cannot be seen.
I immediately think of my closet for some reason.  When I start to clean out my closet of things I do not need and never wear, I find treasures that have been there all along.
In fact, now my closet only has my favorite things in it (cleared of the rest) and even then things emerge as newfound.  How is that possible?

Here is tricky (and lovely) part #3:
Things that emerge quickly can be unsettling.  I thought it was ironic that the first part of the word emergency was emerge.  When things happen fast, even good things, we are often disturbed.  But that does not make it an emergency.

Here is tricky (and lovely) part #4:
Look for your disappointments.  I think they can be a sign.  Breakdowns in what used to seem so unquestionable, so permanent, so real can be thrusting us into a space between stories where you don’t even really know who you are anymore.  It can be “disarming” going into unmapped territory.  I’d like for you to consider … THIS IS A SACRED TIME … a space … a clearing.   Rather than “get our act together” I’d like to offer the alternative of sitting in that space.  Explore what ideas float to the surface.  Consider what might be ready to go.

I can assure you that if this is true of my closet, this is true of my soul.   No doubt my day is full of things that crowd out the important and most satisfying things.  What if I cleared out my day like I cleared out my closet?

Letting go of things can feel like a loss.  Empty space can feel uncomfortable.  Silence can be disturbing.  The sound of “nothing” sounds undesirable.  But the truth is we do not have space for new things – even things within us – to emerge if we don’t make a bit of space for it.







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