Most people live their lives by beliefs of someone else … Until Now!

BS BUSTERS is a playshop where — using our illustrated guideline — you will create a vision board while taking a walk down memory lane.

Through time, we all have accumulated B.S. (Belief Systems) and they can stick for a long time.

This is a fun, creative way to see your own B.S. to release what does not work to make room for what you really want in your life.

The good news is that, as an adult, you now have the choice of which B.S. you want to retain,
which B.S. you want to replace, and some you want to BUST OUT OF!!!
That’s why we call this B.S. Busters!

More beliefs to read below.**


We will set the meetings at a times/dates that are comfortable for both of us. I like to say “pj’s optional” because I’m available at all kinds of times. If you have any questions at all, please text me at 254-592-8067. 

BS Buster Playshop can be purchased one on one or with a friend or a few!



GROUP:  3 to 5

$99 each


GROUP: 6 to 8
$69 each

Space is limited and prices will be increasing without notice.

4 Beliefs to Consider for Yourself:


We once knew ourselves
We came into the world with a curiosity, a light, connected to our heart and living our bliss.  We also knew what we did and did not want and we didn’t hesitate to act on it.  Before long, we learned there were limits.  We were told what we could and could not do.  We were clear about the expectations of our family, our culture, and probably what kind of life we should want.  (White picket fence and all!)

Those beliefs have guided us.  We have made decisions with them firmly in place.  But how long has it been since you actually TESTED those beliefs to see if they are YOURS?


Beliefs Can Control and Affect Us

Now that we’re older, that same ability to comply can also lead to pressure, fatigue, even sadness.  We can actually feel like we’re living someone else’s life – not our own. Over the years, we could have seen that contrast as something negative about us or event use the beliefs against us in our attempt to find happiness and abundance.

What you will find is that – for the most part – we aren’t even AWARE of the beliefs or how they are affecting us.  That’s the purpose of the BS BUSTERS!


You Need To  (GET TO)  Do Something

Think about it. The quality of decisions that you have made in your life up until this day, have determined the quality of your life. So, what kind of life do you want from now on and what kind of decisions do you need to make to get you there?  Letting things “lie” (pun intended) can mean building a life on a foundation that isn’t what you want.

Leaving things the way they are may not be serving you.  Most unexamined things do not.  So … time to take a look!


BS BUSTERS is good news!

The GOOD NEWS is that you can look at your beliefs.  You can decide which ones you do and do not want to remain a servant to!  You can create a life in line with your heart and create new and positive beliefs that help you to shine!
This incredible meditation process is designed to help you get rid of any limiting decisions and negative beliefs about yourself so that you can get inspired, stay motivated and get out there and really LIVE!

We will meet on zoom so you will need access to a computer with a microphone or you can use a tablet or phone.
In some local cases, we might meet in person.