More fun, more joy, more results, more life?

I’ve got good news for you.
You’re not broken.
You don’t need to be fixed.
You may just need to lighten up a little!


nce upon a time, there were amazing women who lived busy, responsible lives serving others and taking care of so many things that they forgot to listen to their own heart’s desires.  Over time, they couldn’t remember what those desires were or even how to find them.

I know these women.  Because I was this woman. And I met plenty of others.

Women who …
*  were successful in the workplace but felt like something was missing.
*  had grown kids and wondered if the best of their life was over.
*  played “good” most of their life but lost their sense of curiosity.
*  broke free from others’ expectations to find their own way.

But you know what? We found our way.

We found joy in small and huge things.  We learned we have power.  We started to dream.  And we put our dreams into play!

Our mission at Lighten UP is to guide you with support and services so you can find your inner GPS and live YOUR life on YOUR terms.

There’s juicy goodness out there that is yours for the taking!

Inspiration and “sparks” await you in our community.

Did you notice my name is Sandy Parker – aka – Sparker?
It’s a sign!  Let’s spark something together! 


Wherever you find yourself RIGHT NOW, you can move one step where there is more light, more power, more ease! Awareness kicks in and gives even more power and you “lighten up” naturally.  Most of the time, we cannot see ourselves the way we really are.  Many times, we cannot even see our own situation very clearly.  I have seen women just embrace ONE NEW IDEA that made all the difference. Nothing changes until we start.  I can’t wait to see what we’ll do together! By the way, make sure you clicked on the bar that says “YES, I WANT TO LIGHTEN UP!”  That’s is our place to start!  See you there.