Conversations spark our curiosity. Stories inspire, educate, and motivate us.

Real people.  Real questions.  Real answers.

SparkChat is a video series featuring people who want to share either their experience or their expertise.
Here are two recent episodes we think you’ll enjoy.  Click on image to watch.  Be prepared to adjust your volume.
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Health and Wellness

All natural skincare

Depression and hope for the healing

What does Well Being Mean?


How Women Can Reinvent Themselves

The Direct Sales Opportunity is Real


Being on the radio as a co-host and personality on syndicated and morning shows, Sandy knows first hand how people build relationships and share information with each other.  That’s why she created SparkChat. She believes each of us has something important and valuable to say and sharing is a great act of generosity. Sandy loves telling stories and some of these are messages from her.  We also want to TELL YOUR STORY!

If you would like to enjoy a conversation with her on SparkChat, click here to download a simple overview that you can email to for consideration.