You were made to express your passion in every waking moment. Living life on a natural high is easy.  Anyone can recreate higher states of aliveness in a few days – given the right learning environment. This “play-shop” uses the element of music to help you discover the radiant self you are!

We provide exciting, unexpected challenges and counter-intuitive exercises to disrupt the false logic and self-criticism that inhibits your full self-expression.

Performance is not what you think.  It isn’t even something you do.  True performance arises from a connection with a curious and appreciative audience.  This is where you learn to create attraction by sharing your pleasure.

Our innovative approach transforms your mind and breaks through the trance of ordinariness.  Some people live, while others merely exist.  You can spend another year playing the roles you have been assigned or you can break free to live the life of your dreams now.

If you are ready for the jump to light speed,  this is for you!!!

Oh … and we have a blast!  Just saying …

Showing up and having fun is the name of the game! Hear from a few women that attended … and get ready to attend the next one!

Here is Charleen’s story.  She wasn’t even going to stay at She Rocks but ONE HOUR.

She stayed the two days and it changed everything.
(You can SEE the DIFFERENCE in her face!!)