Tony Robbins has Fire Walking.
We have Rock and Roll!

Maybe you saw Oprah or others swing their arms, psyching themselves up and and breaking through their fear walking across burning coals in Tony Robbins’ fire walking ritual.   Well, in Austin, Rock and Roll is more the style.


Participants gather here for a two day event where they build a team so strong no one can fail.  Day two, their assignment is putting on a Rock and Roll show in a local venue and YOU ARE THE ROCK STAR!

It is not at all about singing.  It is not at all about performing.  It is about self expression and the ability to show up for yourself when YOU are what you need most.  This “play-shop” uses the element of music to help you create higher states of aliveness and discover the radiant self you are!


We provide exciting, unexpected challenges and counter-intuitive exercises to disrupt the false logic and self-criticism that inhibits your full self-expression.


Performance is not what you think.  It isn’t even something you do.  True performance arises from a connection with a curious and appreciative audience.  This is where you learn to create attraction by sharing your pleasure.


Our innovative approach transforms your mind and breaks through the trance of ordinariness.  Some people live, while others merely exist.  You can spend another year playing the roles you have been assigned or you can break free to live the life of your dreams now.


If you are ready for the jump to light speed,  this is for you!!!

She Rocks!
Austin, Texas
Now Available for Team Building, Group, and Corporate Events!

* poster from recent finale event *

She Rocks is not about singing.  It is not about performing.  It is about being able to show up for yourself and express yourself in the moment.  This is about being YOU! We form a circle of women so strong no one can fail.  Then we have a good time together.  That is all.  But that is everything … and so life giving!


2-day workshop includes everything you need including personal development, readiness training, support, music selection, full band, performance venue, keepsake photos and video, and other surprises. You can bring outfits, hair color, or whatever rock star accessories you want!



Same amazing benefits as She Rocks Player .. PLUS:
+ Prior to event, we have a 20 minute call to discuss where you are and what goals you might have for the weekend.
+ After the event, a one hour zoom call to discuss ways to integrate what you learned into your life.  Recording of call provided. 


Everyone gets something different.  Charlene didn’t sing but it changed everything for her.  Jennifer preferred a trio and we had a blast singing together!  Here is Charleen’s story.  She wasn’t even going to stay at She Rocks but ONE HOUR.  Look at her face!  You can literally see her transformation. Below that are some really short clips we grabbed right after our “gig”.

Refund Policy: NO CASH REFUNDS in all cases: Tickets are transferable upon approval, and 50% of the 'rate' can be transferred to another event and or other services - whichever you want.
Right to refuse service: Our work is based on harmonious relationships between participants.  We reserve the right to serve or not serve anyone.
Disclaimer: Lighten UP Global and Sandy Parker are not liable for any injury, accidents, losses, etc.