What do you want?
Do you know?

What do you want? 
Do you know how to get it?

Spending the day with a MUSE allows for so much wisdom and insight.

Honestly, the insights begin the day you make your reservation.

Some people like to go slow.
Other people can tackle things in a big way and appreciate the chance to
look at everything from top to bottom.  That’s the MUSE FOR A DAY.
It’s also called VIP Day!

Here’s what you will get: 

You’ll know more about your life’s direction and soul purpose
You’ll see more opportunities that are really possible
You’ll get the rare opportunity to SEE YOURSELF as others see you
You’ll be more aligned with your unique intuitive gifts
You’ll have access to ‘information’ that you’ve never had before
You’ll experience life on a whole new level of depth
You’ll experience more ‘ease’ and abundance in your life
You’ll have a game plan that will include your intentions and steps

It is a RARE opportunity to see ourselves as we are.
We just cannot do that for ourselves.

Guided with specific steps, easy and fun exercises, we discover what allows you to grow and glow with aliveness.
With accurate observation and feedback you will see next steps and gain support needed.


We will set the meetings at a time/day that is comfortable for both of us. I like to say “pj’s optional” because I’m available at all kinds of times.

We can also meet at your location. Travel expenses additional.


If you have any questions at all, please text me at 254-592-8067. 

Day 1


Day 1 & 2


Travel Expenses

Space is limited and prices will be increasing without notice.

We will meet on zoom so you will need access to a computer with a microphone or you can use a tablet or phone.
In some local cases, we might meet in person.