Lumi is a lightening bug that is the main character in a series of books. The first book is called LUMI FINDS HER LIGHT:
An inspiring story about being you! While its a book for children, its a story for all of us. Everyone at some time has felt “a bit dim” or like they didn’t shine as bright as others.
LUMI the lightening bug faced the same problem. She knew that she was made to light up but she didn’t know how.
She looks for her answer in new ways and finds she can be happy just as she is right now! Even better, she discovers her light is uniquely bright. Discover what you can learn – and teach your children – about living light and shining bright with LUMI

How LUMI was born

While working with women to help them discover what lights them up, she was inspired to write this inspirational coming-of-light story. Seeing women feel insecure about their brilliance and constantly comparing themselves to others,
it didn’t seem to be a far stretch to imagine we all could learn from LUMI.
I remember being in a room of extremely successful women and thinking to myself, I feel so dim compared to the accomplishments of all these other women. I am overweight. I can hardly walk. Even though I’ve been successful before, right now, I feel like my light doesn’t shine at all. That was an important meeting. It reminded me that I may not shine like they do because I shine like me. That is the lesson we all must embrace to have the impact in the world and the quality of life that is ours to have.

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