Just about everyone has felt “a bit dim” or like they didn’t shine as bright as others at some point in their lives.


LUMI the lightning bug faced the same problem. She knew that she was made to light up but she doesn’t know how to do it. LUMI compares herself and tries too hard to be like others.  She gets sad and frustrated and even wants to give up.


Then she gets curious. She looks for her answer in new ways and finds she can be happy just as she is right now. In that moment, LUMI bumbles into her brilliance when she wasn’t looking anymore!  Even better, she discovers her light is uniquely bright.


How do you figure out what makes you lighten up and shine brighter? The key is to know what makes your light shine so you can enjoy your life and just be YOU!  Discover what you can learn – and teach your children – about living light and shining bright with LUMI.


An Inspiring Story about Being YOU!

Sandy Parker launches book campaign for ‘Lumi Finds Her Light’

AUSTIN, Texas — Sandy Parker’s passion is to help women discover what “lights them up” and then guiding them through practical action steps to live life on their terms. While working with women, Parker was inspired to write “Lumi Finds Her Light” (published by Balboa Press), an inspirational coming-of-light story about Lumi the lightning bug, who bumbles her way into her natural brilliance.


Lumi is the lightening bug who has the problem of not shining.  Her mother is her companion, who she turns to when she has questions or self doubt. Together they learn that curiosity and play helps us all – regardless of age – find what lights us up and empowers us to shine.


According to Parker, the book is simple and it is easy to relate with the character.  “We all need to hear the message that we are perfect just as we are.  Mothers also need to know how to teach this to their children.”


An excerpt from the book:

You are not the others and they are not you.  You will do things the others don’t do.  You are perfect.  Your light is inside you.
At just the right time, you will shine too.


“Lumi the lightning bug knew that she was made to light up but she doesn’t know how to do it. She learns how and teaches the reader,” the author says.




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“Lumi Finds Her Light: An inspiring story about being YOU!”

By Sandy Parker

Softcover | 8.5 x 8.5in | 36 pages | ISBN 9781504354011

E-Book | 36 pages | ISBN 9781504354073


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About Writing the Book

I was at a conference on Oahu and I decided to spend the day at Kahala — this magnificent resort — and sketch out the story that had been in my heart for some time.  The place was beautiful.  The energy was electric.  The dolphins were dancing in the water.  The little red bird followed me from table to table.  And I sat right there beside the pool and finished writing the book and making my story board layout.
Then I found my illustrator.  We put images to the story and it was written before you know it.  Writing is like anything else.  You learn by doing.  This was an amazing experience and I love the book as much today as I did sitting by the pool at Kahala.

LUMI and I Have a Lot in Common

I remember being in a room of extremely successful women and thinking to myself, I feel so dim compared to the accomplishments of all these other women. I am overweight. I can hardly walk. Even though I’ve been successful before, right now, I feel like my light doesn’t shine at all. That was an important meeting. It reminded me that I may not shine like they do because I shine like me. That is the lesson we all must embrace to have the impact in the world and the quality of life that is ours to have.

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