What lights you up?
What makes your vitality increase?
What is zapping your energy now?
What is trying to emerge in you?

It’s easy to see why we might not want to look at ourselves and our lives too closely or for too long.  Being fully human can be challenging.  Sometimes we pull the covers over our heads to avoid things right under our noses.  Sometimes, we are just sleepwalking.

We really cannot see ourselves like we really are.


It’s as if we are fine wine in a bottle
and we can’t read our own label.

Guided with specific steps, easy and fun exercises, we discover what allows you to grow and glow with aliveness.  Our unique approach will inspire you to consider life as a series of en-lightening experiences. With accurate observation and feedback you will see next steps and gain support needed.


We will set the meetings at a times/dates that are comfortable for both of us. I like to say “pj’s optional” because I’m available at all kinds of times. If you have any questions at all, please text me at 254-592-8067. 

Illumination Sessions are purchased as a single session or packages.

40 minute introduction
(1st time only)


1 session


3 session package

Space is limited and prices will be increasing without notice.

We will meet on zoom so you will need access to a computer with a microphone or you can use a tablet or phone.
In some local cases, we might meet in person.