The Power of Conversations

Have you ever noticed how many “ah-ha” moments come during a conversation?  There’s a reason for that.  We all need to be seen.  We all want to be heard.  In expressing ourselves, we learn things even WE didn’t know.  Relating to others, we also can learn about our “blind spots.”  Through giving our thoughts air to breathe and the heart a chance to speak conversation becomes a great chance to “wake up” to ourselves and expand our options.  Then we can discover want with tools and support to get it.

Lighten UP Conversations do not assume that something in you needs to be fixed.  Our work assumes you are capable of taking consistent action steps toward your life vision.  This is results driven, transformational through relating to others, and requires you to be accountable for your own life.  It’s also fun and easy and helps you lighten up and emerge in ways that bring more success to your life.


Guided with specific steps, easy and fun exercises, we discover what allows you to grow and glow with aliveness.  Our unique approach will inspire you to consider life as a series of en-lightening experiences. With accurate observation and feedback you will see next steps and gain support needed.

Illumination Sessions are purchased as a single session or packages.

Click here for more information about Illumination Session packages or to schedule one for yourself.


Imagine meeting with a group of people, enjoying a nice sense of fellowship and community, while gaining support for your progress — all in the comfort of your own home or office.  Great for people of all levels of experience, circling is a new practice that is growing all over the world.  Our Happiness Hour Circle includes skillful leadership on a particular topic, step by step development of your own, and the chance to benefiting from the experience of others at the same time.

Happiness Hour Circle Groups take place on zoom and are scheduled by topic and dates. CLICK HERE FOR UPCOMING CALENDAR.

Click here to create a Happiness Hour Circle Group of your own.

GLOW UP GROUPS (getaway day) 

There’s nothing like a day away with interesting people to regain your mojo or relax. Once enjoy activities and exercises to access our “why” and understand what we want and how to get more of that.  It’s an environment that allows us to be more of ourselves and move from passion and curiosity and adventure.  “What could be” becomes a thrilling possibility as we dream a little together. You will see yourself in a place with an “ah ha” for your life.  Being in a state of evolution brings more energy and change brings possibility.

For more information on the GLOW UP DAY AWAY click here.

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