Lighten UP Cafe is a place to gather and talk.  It’s a space for conversation.  It’s a place to share ideas and exchange thoughts.


Look at the TOPICS and TIME ZONES below and
AT THE RIGHT TIME in your time zone, join us.

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We are in the process right now of creating the schedule.

So please tell me … what TOPIC of conversation would you like to have?  Let’s schedule it!!!

Here are some of the conversations I’m curious about:

Why do we care so much about “looking good?”

What belief systems need to go!!!  (They are bogging us down.)

What hurts?

Who wants to lose weight and how can we help each other?

Where do I want to lighten up a little?

How to heal our inner child?

How to ramp up our self-expression?

How to give voice to things we really WANT to say?  (If we were saying what we thought … what would we REALLY be saying!!???)

What are we putting up with that SUCKS?!

Where does motivation really come from?

and on and on … 🙂