Water makes a magical difference!
Underwater photos are other-worldly and ethereal as fabrics come to life and your body glides in weightless positions that aren’t even possible out of the water. See yourself in a new way while creating a portrait masterpiece with water as your medium.


This is an Underwater Photo Shoot.  The beauty of shooting underwater is really just letting the magic happen.  You will only do what is comfortable for you and we will do it together so everyone gets what they need.  BODY LOVE is a created as a group experience limited in size. Private sessions and are available.

Here’s how it works:
.. We secure a private pool or desirable location
.. Relaxing VIP treatment provides opportunity to experience your own natural elegance
.. We provide outfits, gowns, props, fabric, jewelry, supplies, makeup artist, styling
.. World class photographer shows you how to be in the underwater to get your best shots
.. Creativity flows with a large collection of props and an extensive camera selection ready to capture the best of everyone’s moments in the water
.. A gallery page is created for you to review your array of amazing proofs and select your keepsake portrait

When you feel good about your body, good things happen.  You relax.  You express yourself more confidently.  You approach life in a new way. You find a deeper joy.

Dip in to the magic of water and fall in love with yourself!


Perfect for VIP Days, Spouse Outings,
Groups and 
Corporate Events.
Bridal and Engagement
is fun for parties of all sizes. 

When I experienced BODY LOVE, I fell in love with myself!  I knew right then, I would bring this to other women. Watching them be amazed at their own beauty is thrilling.  I can’t thank Sarah enough for making us all look so good!

an event!

Women everywhere want to be beautiful!
Let us bring BODY LOVE to you!

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August 26, 2018
Austin Texas 

1:00 to 6:00 p.m.
Sips in the Cabana by the Pool
Looking at outfits and finding best accessories
Instructions on working with water for photos
Life Hacking the Self-Conscious Habit
Learning to Live in Ease
Gallery of Proof Images
You select your favorite High-Resolution Image of YOU
Digital Enhancement (optional)
Retaining Deep sense of ease that stays with you long after the event!


$75 deposit secures your place

Ask about upgrade allows for 3 images of your choosing

Your Party
Your Company
Your Group

Let us bring the beauty and the magic of the water to your objectives!
Watch what happens!

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with our Event Designer

This incredible opportunity is made possible by our partner Flashpool Productions. At our underwater photo session, you will not only be welcomed into a private backyard oasis, but also Sarah’s home. Creativity flows with a large collection of props on hand and an extensive camera selection ready to capture the best of everyone’s moments in the water.

Sessions run smoothly with an outdoor changing area and covered patio. The pool itself gradually goes from a wading area to 6 feet deep, making it ideal for all types of shots. Our session will be at the time of the day where lighting is optimal and controlled and the overhanging trees act as a natural filter for the day’s sun.

This event requires a minimum attendance.  If we do not meet this attendance requirement,
your deposit will be returned or credited towards a future event.

I experienced BODY LOVE at a significant weight loss mark.  But AFTER BODY LOVE, the ease remained and my struggle with eating lessened.  I don’t really know how that works but – hey – if it works, don’t we need every tool we can get our hands on?  I recommend it anyway.  Peace and joy and ease are always in demand!