Welcome to the Fun,
Encouraging and
Authentic World of Sandy Parker!

For more than 20 years, Sandy Parker has been shining her light into audiences and women’s lives in such a way they open their hearts and are able to receive more, accept more, do more and want more.


She has spoken to groups of 3 to 5,000 inspiring 300,000 in 3 countries in such diverse groups as governor’s conferences, Chamber of Commerce banquets, school district and university training, and events for companies like Southwest Airlines and Southern Living.


After two decades of leading women in groups, retreats, businesses and nonprofit organizations, she is an expert in creating and curating inspirational information and experiences for women so they can reclaim their enthusiasm and vitality in order to live without regrets.  She works with women to find “what lights them up”, maintain their “inner brilliance” and take action to get the results they want. Click here for more about the LIGHTEN UP MISSION.


Sandy Parker also has a track record of making things happen in business.  She created a jewelry line that grew to 400 stores, led a Chamber of Commerce to its largest membership in history, owned an art gallery/artisan factory in a town of 2,000, built and sold two businesses, and ran a highly visible media company. This was AFTER a corporate career in managing multi-million dollar territories for national magazines like Southern Living, Vogue and other trade journals.  She was also active in her church, a music leader in retreat settings, and led a mission trip to Russia.


She also loves being on the radio.  She was the FUN LADY on Stars 104.3 morning show with Lew Dee and Diana.  She was co-host on ChickTalk,a talk radio show for women, as well as the syndicated radio program, Cowboy Symposium of the Air, with the late Grammy Award winner Tommy Allsup. Visit SparkChat to schedule an interview with Sandy about your mission in the world.


She loves making a difference as a Communication teacher for women in crisis and an active support at a Family Shelter for young mothers.  She also serves on a committee to raise money for Hospice Austin.


While working with women, Parker was inspired to write “Lumi Finds Her Light: An Inspiring Story about Being YOU!” It is a coming-of-light story about Lumi the lightning bug, who bumbles her way into her natural brilliance published by Balboa division of Hay House.  More about Lumi here

Here’s a fun game!

How many of these logos can you identify?
If you are curious ask me.

Things I Love 

Here is a random gallery of photos of things I love,
a video of one of my favorite poems,
and a link to one of my favorite songs. 

myface bar

  1. I love to laugh and watch WAY too many videos on Facebook.  The cute dogs and kids and pranks get me every time!
  2. I bring energy into the scene. That’s a given. I don’t think I could help it even if I wanted to …
  3. I have a big heart and an open mind.
  4. I would talk more about being a hippee but, at my age, I’d hate to misrepresent our tribe.
  5. I’m like to say the right thing. It’s the dang-dest thing and I honestly do not know how that happens.
  6. Underdogs have my instant affection … but not for long if it is their choice.
  7. I’m overly skilled and it’s quite a burden for me. It does, however, come in handy for those around me.
  8. I’m confident – can you tell? I’ve just done many things, accomplished much and been so blessed to travel to so many places!!  I totally dig that!
  9. I’m a dog lover.

I like it that my list ends on an odd number and I don’t always write on the lines.

Oh – and dreaming.  I love dreaming about the “more beautiful world my heart knows is possible.”

I have loved this poem for a long time.

This song makes me smile!  Get ready to crank it up and sing with me!