Welcome to the Crazy, Fun, Encouraging and Honest world of Sandy Parker!

I’m a fun loving, highly spirited women who loves nothing more than diving head-first into new experiences. But rather than go on about that, I thought I give you a few points, a “passport” look at my experiences , and a few pictures of things I love.  Sound good?

  1. I love to laugh and watch WAY too many videos on Facebook.  The cute dogs and kids and pranks get me every time!
  2. I bring energy into the scene. That’s a given. I don’t think I could help it even if I wanted to …
  3. I have a big heart and an open mind.
  4. I would talk more about being a hippee but, at my age, I’d hate to misrepresent our tribe.
  5. I’m like to say the right thing. It’s the dang-dest thing and I honestly do not know how that happens.
  6. Underdogs have my instant affection … but not for long if it is their choice.
  7. I’m overly skilled and it’s quite a burden for me. It does, however, come in handy for those around me.
  8. I’m confident – can you tell? I’ve just done many things, accomplished much and been so blessed to travel to so many places!!  I totally dig that!
  9. I’m a dog lover.

I like it that my list ends on an odd number and I don’t always write on the lines.

Oh – and dreaming.  I love dreaming about the “more beautiful world my heart knows is possible.”

Business and Life Experiences  

I created this “passport stamp” overview of my journey with a few business and life experiences highlighted here. I have traveled the world and worked with some of the most impressive companies on the planet.  This is just a sampling. Feel free to ask me about any one of these!

Perhaps you would also like to know the groups for whom I have had the opportunity to speak.  You may find them here.

I’d love to know a bit about you!

It would MEAN THE WORLD TO ME if you would send a text to me on my cell at 254-592-8067 and tell me THREE THINGS you love. Easy!

If you would do that for me, I have a REALLY COOL LITTLE GIFT I found just for you!

Things I Love 

Here is a random gallery of photos of things I love,
a video of one of my favorite poems,
and a link to one of my favorite songs. 


the bright curiosity of a child
eclectic art, ball jars, and paint brushes
the wind on my face
children who don’t care if anyone is watching

black and white colors – especially stripes
twinkling lights
what it feels like to be Queen for a Day
the blessings of God I see flowing all around us
and of course, my family.

I have loved this poem for a long time.

This song makes me smile!  Get ready to crank it up and sing with me!